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2009-01-11 Presentation of “The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards” MAMMA MIA! THE MOVIE has been nominated for 2 Golden Globes: -Best Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy: Mamma Mia! (Relativity Media, Playtone, Littlestar; Universal Pictures) -Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy: Meryl Streep – Mamma Mia!
2009-01-19 3 Bafta Nominations for Mamma Mia!: Music, Outstanding British Film and THE CARL FOREMAN AWARD (For special achievement by a British director, writer or producer for their first feature film.) Judy Craymer, producer — “Mamma Mia!”
2009-01-23 Agnetha and Frida receive a Lifetime Achievement award for their ABBA-years.


2009-02-08 51th Grammy Awards, live on CBS at 8 p.m. A grammy nomination for Mamma Mia by Meryl Streep: Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media (Award to the Artist(s) and/or Producer(s) of a majority of the tracks on the album, or to the individual(s) actively responsible for the concept and musical direction and for the selection of artists, songs and producers, as applicable.) : -Mamma Mia! Meryl Streep (& Various Artists) [Decca Records]

Benny attends the Soho House Grey Goose Afterparty at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

2009-02-29 Release of the book Agnetha Fältskog ABBA van binnenuit, Dutch updated version of As I am.


2009-03-07 Agnetha attends a performance of american soul singer Billy Paul at Berns in Stockholm

2009-03-19 Björn and Benny attend the premiere of MAMMA MIA! at Folketeatret in Oslo, Norway.

2009-03-21 Björn has gained permission to build a home and studio on Furillen, an island off Gotland.


2009-04-05 Björn and Benny are guests on Elaine Paige's radio show.

2009-04-06 Björn and Benny attend the 10th anniversary of Mamma Mia! in London.

2009-05-06 Agnetha attends the opening of a new Louis Vuitton store in Stockholm with a friend.

2009:06-18 Agnetha and daughter Linda attends the 85th birthday of Countess Marianne Bernadotte at Stockholm City Hall.

2009-07/08 Frida is the subject of a BBC radio 4 project: Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, a documentary drama about writer and performer Christopher Green's relationship with Frida. http://www.christophergreen.net/

2009-07-04 Benny Andersson Band play their first English gig (including ‘Story of A Heart’) on Hampstead Heath as part of Sweden On Stage festival celebrating the start of Sweden’s EU Presidency. The live performance of 'Story Of A Heart'

Bjorn shows CNN around in Stockholm for the 'My City My Life' series.


2009-09-07 Agnetha attends the Villman Produktions party in Stockholm

2009-09-13 Benny and Björn are to take part in a concert 'Thank You For The Music', hosted by Radio 2, featuring some of their biggest hits in Hyde Park London (6.30 pm). Kylie is to perform songs from ABBA's back catalogue

2009-09-16 Björn and Benny in New York for Kristina presentation.

2009-09-23 The English version of Kristina is presented in concert form on September 23rd and 24th 2009 at Carnegie Hall, New York: http://kristinathemusical.com/ Brian G. Andersson, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Records, reads a proclamation from Mayor Bloomberg

2009-09-23 ABBA is among the nominees for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. Other nominees include: The Chantels, Jimmy Cliff, Genesis, The Hollies, Kiss, LL Cool J, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stooges and Donna Summer.
2009-09-28 Frida is a jury member of Swedish TV 4 program 'Svenska hjältar 2009'.

2009-09-27 Frida attends the wedding of her friend Heinz Julen in Zermatt.

2009-11-30 http://www.abbaworld.com/ announces the world premiere in London at Earls Court on 27 January 2010. The hugely interactive experience will take visitors on a mind-blowing journey through ABBAWORLD’S 25 rooms, bursting with exclusive music, footage, images and never-before-displayed memorabilia from the personal collections of the world’s most cherished pop icons; Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida.


2010-01-05 Björn and Benny linked to Torchwood musical: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8441444.stm
2010-01-26 World premiere in London at Earls Court London in attendance of Frida and Björn.

2010-02 Frida records a cover of Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken, to be released on a Jojje Wadenius album.


2010-03-15 ABBA's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. The ceremony, in attentance of Benny and Frida, takes place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

2010-04-13 Zermatt Unplugged, Musicfestival 13.-17. April with Frida.

2010-04-14 Kristina concert at Royal Albert Hall, London

2010-05-31 Release of the long-awaited ABBA's Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition.

2010-06 Agnetha and Benny declare open the ABBAWORLD exhibition in Melbourne, Australia by video. 2010-06-18 Benny writes the music to "Vilar glad i din famn" for the Wedding Ceremony of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. "Vilar glad i din famn" Musik: Benny Andersson. Text: Kristina Lugn. Orkestrering: Anders Eljas

2010 English translation of Kristina musical released on CD


2010-09-14 Frida's cover of Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken,is released on Swedish radio P4.
2010-09-29 Agnetha is seen in public in Stockholm at a Georg Jensen jewlery promotion event.

2010-10-15 Björn and Agnetha attend the Danisch premiere of Mamma Mia!

2010-10-28/29 Björn attends the French premiere of Mamma Mia! in Paris at Theatre Mogador.

  Frida and Björn interviewed for the ITV programme "The nations most popular ABBA song"


2010-11-18 Agnetha attends the gala premiere of Cornelis @ Saga, Stockholm.

2010-11-25 Agnetha, Björn and wife Lena attend the opening of the new exclusive Hotel Nobis in Stockholm.


2010-12 Bjorn poses at a portrait session in Paris.

2010-12-28 An exclusive interview with Agnetha is published in M-magasin (first issue of 2011)


Benny's new studio Rixmixningsverket (RMV) on Skeppsholmen is opened. BAO's new album will be recorded here.


2011-02 Frida is the subject of a BBC radio 4 project: Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, a documentary drama about writer and performer Christopher Green's relationship with Frida. http://www.christophergreen.net/ Frida was interviewed by Christopher in the summer of 2009.
2011-02-15 Björn dressed in a Mamma Mia type of costume at the Swedish GayGalan 2011

2011-03  Björn and Benny are in Helsinki, Finnland to attend the Kristina rehearsals.

2011-04-07 Aftonbladet visits Benny while recording his new album with BAO.

2011-04-15 Frida at the Zermatt Unplugged Press Conference

Release of Super Trouper Deluxe Edition Disc


Mamma Mia! premieres in China ABBAWORLD exhibition in Prague, Hungary


2011-07-08 Agnetha attends the 50th birthday of Magnus Skogsberg with Anders Öhrman ( Swedish magazine QX).

2011-07-11 Mamma Mia! premieres at the Grand Theatre of Shanghai, China in attendance of Björn.

2011-07-14 Frida meets Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) at the "Moon and Stars" Festival in Locarno.
2011-10 Frida attends the 7th Annual Zurich Film Festival at the Zurich Operahouse.


2011-11 Photos of Frida, her family and friends taken in Italy.


2012-01-13 Agnetha receives ELLE’s Fashion Legend award at Grând Hotel in Stockholm. http://elle.se/staende-ovationer-for-agnetha-faltskog/

2012-02-28 Björn and Benny attend the press presentation of Kristina från Duvemåla in Svenska Teatern, Helsinki's Swedish Theatre.

2012-04-17 (-april 21) Frida attends the Zermatt Unplugged musicfestival.
Frida and Chris De burgh (April 18) April 21 Aloe Blacc concert

2012-04 -23 Release of The Visitors Deluxe Edition, including the demo medley ‘From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel’, the first previously unreleased ABBA recordings since 1994! http://abbasite.com/articles/news/the-visitors-deluxe-edition-released-in-april!
As the Deluxe Edition of The Visitors was put together, Benny had the idea that it would be interesting to revisit the various recordings of the song and put together a medley. And this he did in October and November of 2011. The nine-minute medley takes us from the very first demo, with vocals by Björn, to a run-through with Benny on electric piano and Frida on lead vocals, similar to the final version. In between are a demo recording by Frida and Benny (on grand piano) with alternate lyrics entitled ‘Another Morning Without You’; a completely different “disco” attempt, played by a full band and with the final lyrics in place; and a ballad interpretation, also with a full band backing, featuring Frida on lead vocals. “It was fun to put this thing together, just to show what the process can be like,” says Benny Andersson. “It’s an interesting observation on how you labour over things before you reach the final result.”

From 'The Complete Recording Sessions' by Carl Magnus Palm 26th May, 1981: Polar Music Studios: Recording 'Another Morning Without You' (a working title of 'An Angel Walked Through My Room', a working tittle of 'An Angel's Passing Through My Room', a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (version 1)'. Benny Andersson (keyboards), Lasse Wellander (guitar), Mike Watson (bass), Ola Brunkert (drums).

Surely the most difficult track on the new album, the ballad 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room', would be subject to a number of different attemps before the group finally settled on the released version. This first recording featured contributions from both Agnetha and Frida, as well as keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, presumably a far cry from the bare synthesizer and vocals arrangement that was featured on the album.

3rd June, 1981: Polar Music Studios. Recording 'An Angel's Passing Through My Room (working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (version 1)'. A drum overdum by Roger Palm

5th June, 1981: Polar Music Studios. Mixxing 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (version 1)' Four different miexes of this recording that ultimately would remain unreleased. The first one was named 'flash', the second 'normal', the third 'amazon', and the fourth 'combination'.

23rd October, 1981: Polar Music Studios. Recording 'Twinkle Twinkle' (working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, No.2'). Benny Andersson (keyboards), Lasse Wellander (guitar), Rutger Gunnarsson (bass), Ola Brunkert (drums).

Exactly why this remake of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room' was named 'Twinkle 'Twinkle' on this day is not known. However, extensive overdubs were made, including vocals, but apparently something was still unsatisfactory about this version, since a third and final version would be recorded a few weeks later. 'I seem to remember that this was an attempt at turning it into a disco track,' says Benny. "It didn't work out, though, because we ended up with a 'Lay All Your Love On Me' sound-alike, It's never any fun to repeat something that you've already done - we always tried to avoid that."

8th November, 1981: Polar Music Studios. Recording 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, No.3' (working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room').

With less that a month to go before the album was due to be released, a final attempt at recording a satisfactory version of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room was made. Thus, this day saw the recording of the bare synthesizer-and-vocals only version that was eventually released on the album. The sound of the ticking clock actually came from Benny's mini-moog, and Michael Tretow remembers Benny trying for hours to figure out just how to get the right ticking sound. "I remember the recording of almost every track on the 'The Visitors' album as an uphill struggle, and this was no exception,' says Benny. "When we finally hit on the arrangement with the tick-tock sound and that strange echo on Frida's voice, we thought that we at least had found something that gave the song its own identity.

Frida also vividly remembers the problems with the recording of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room', and she is not completely satisfied with her own vocal performances. "It was very difficult to find the right mood, and I remember trying several different ways of singing it before we landed on the final version. It turned out okay, but it's not a favourite." Perhaps Agnetha summed it up best when she said that the track left the listener "waiting for something that never comes." (International ABBA Magazine, April 1982).

10th and 11th November, 1981: Polar Music Studios. Mixing 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room'. Two mixes made over two days, both of which remain unreleased.

13th November 1981: Polar Music Studios. Mixing 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room'. This mix was included on the album.

However the biggest surprise is the inclusion of the previously unreleased track, ‘From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel’. This track (there are in fact 4 different versions!) was recorded during the sessions for 'The Visitors'. We are proud to say that we have had the uptempo version of the song in our own vaults for years and it is truly a gem! It features clear vocals by Agnetha backed up by Frida. This makes for an interesting sound as the melody later on developped into 'Like an angel passing through my room' which features only Frida. 'Twinkle Twinkle' is perhaps the 'even better version'. For fans: you should keep in mind ' Why did it have to be me' versus 'Happy Hawaii'. This is how these two song compare aswell. The release of unreleased ABBA material on 'The Visitors deluxe' marks the first time since the 'Thank You For The Music' box set in 1994 that ABBA have opened their private vaults to release a previously unreleased track.


 1. The Visitors
 2. Head Over Heels
 3. When All Is Said And Done
 4. Soldiers
 5. I Let The Music Speak
 6. One Of Us
 7. Two For The Price Of One
 8. Slipping Through My Fingers
 9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
 Bonus Tracks:
 10. Should I Laugh Or Cry
 11. I Am The City
 12. You Owe Me One
 13. Cassandra
 14. Under Attack
 15. The Day Before You Came Extra Bonus Track:
 16. From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos)

 DISC 02: DVD:

1. Two For The Price Of One (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA)
 2. Slipping Through My Fingers (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA)
 3. When All Is Said And Done (Original Promo Clip)
 4. ABBA In London, November 1982 (The Late Late Breakfast Show, BBC)
 5. ABBA In Stockholm, November 1982 (Nöjesmaskinen, SVT)
 6. The Visitors TV commercial I (UK)
 7. The Visitors TV commercial II (Australia) 
8. The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial I (UK)
 9. The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial II (Australia)
 10. International Sleeve Gallery


2012-06-07 Agnetha attends the Marianne & Sigvard Bernadotte Art Awards in Stockholm

2012-09 Madame Tussauds London is making wax figures of the four former ABBA members. 6th September 2012 Madame Tussauds is creating one of the world’s most successful music acts, ABBA, to be unveiled at the London attraction this autumn. Famous for their catchy lyrics and bold costumes, the four band members – Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid – will add a colourful dimension to the attraction as they take up a short term residency in the Music Zone before making their way to Madame Tussauds' attractions around the world. ABBA will be captured in the iconic style from their 1975 video for ‘SOS’. Agnetha and Anni-Frid will be wearing replicas of the popular yellow and blue feline themed outfits teamed with pristine white knee-high leather boots. Benny and Björn will wear outrageous white seventies outfits encrusted with diamantes and sequins, finished off with flares and platform boots.


2012-10-02 ABBA wax figures unveiled at Madame Tussauds London.

2012-10-03 ABBA museum to open in Stockholm in Spring 2013. Björn has little hope of all four ABBA members reuniting for the inauguration.

2012-10-13 Benny says in Expressen that it is nice that Agnetha is recording again. He has listened a little on the material and says that it sounds unbelievably modern and good!!! In the article Benny says that an ABBA reunion is unbelievably far away. It has never been more far away, a lightyear.


2012-11-05 Agnetha meets Jennifer Lopez backstage

2012-11 http://www.abbasite.com/deluxe-edition-of-the-abba-album-released-in-november/ Deluxe Edition Of The ABBA Album Released.

Hot on the heels of the well-received Deluxe Edition of The Visitors, November 2012 will see another release in the ABBA Deluxe Edition series. This time the 1975 album simply entitled ABBA, featuring classic hits such as ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘SOS’ and ‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’, will receive the Deluxe treatment.

The first disc in this 2-disc package is a CD, which features the original album plus three bonus tracks, all of which have been remastered especially for this release. The second disc is a DVD, featuring 60 minutes of previously unreleased television performances, including the complete 1976 television special ABBA In Australia – the export version of the famous The Best Of ABBA special, which had higher viewer ratings than the moon landing in Australia. 6 of the 12 songs in the special are performances of tracks from the ABBA album. In addition, there are three songs from the 1975 television special Made In Sweden – For Export, along with two fab performances from the BBC archives: ‘SOS’ on Seaside Special, first broadcast in 1975, and ‘Mamma Mia’ on Top Of The Pops (1976). To round off the DVD there are two vintage television commercials, one for the Australian hits album The Best Of ABBA (along with the other albums released by ABBA in Australia up to that point) and the other for ABBA’s Greatest Hits album.

The package also includes a 24-page booklet featuring an extensive essay on the making of the album, for which ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus have contributed fresh insights and stories.

Don’t miss out on this Deluxe Edition of ABBA – featuring the hits that made Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida household names all over the world!



 1. Mamma Mia
 2. Hey, Hey Helen
 3. Tropical Loveland
 4. SOS
 5. Man In The Middle
 6. Bang-A-Boomerang
 7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
 8. Rock Me
 9. Intermezzo no 1
 10. I’ve Been Waiting For You
 11. So Long

 Bonus Tracks:

 12. Crazy World
 13. Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton – On Top Of Old Smokey – Midnight Special
 14. Mamma Mia (Spanish Version)

 DISC 02: DVD:

 1. ABBA In Australia (Television Special) Mamma Mia Hasta Mañana Ring Ring Tropical Loveland Waterloo I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Rock me Dancing Queen Honey, Honey Fernando So Long SOS
 2. Made In Sweden – For Export (SVT) Mamma Mia I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do So Long
 3. SOS (Seaside Special, BBC)
 4. Mamma Mia (Top Of The Pops, BBC)
 5. he Best Of ABBA, TV Commercial
 6. Greatest Hits, TV Commercial
 7. International Sleeve Gallery

2013-03 Agnetha's facebook page is online The single release date of 'When You Really Loved Someone',(3:32) written and produced by Jorgen Elofsson. Links to Agnetha's new website a BBC interview with Agnetha about her new album 'A' her twitter account and a VEVO video channel

The album, titled "A",is released on May 10, 2013.

It contains the 10 following songs:
1. The One Who Loves You Now
2. When You Really Loved Someone listen to this song on www.agnetha.com
3. Perfume In the Breeze
4. I Was a Flower
5. I Should’ve Followed You Home
6. Past Forever
7. Dance Your Pain Away
8. Bubble 9. Back On Your Radio
10. I Keep Them On the Floor Beside My Bed

"I Should've Followed You Home" is a duet with Gary Barlow.

"I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed" has been co-written by Agnetha herself at home in the countryside. The thoughtful-sounding "Bubble" aptly expresses Agnetha's attitude towards glamour and the limelight.
"Dance Your Pain Away" is a rousing disco number.
"Back On Your Radio" is crystal clear pop.
"Past Forever" is a piano-based track with its chorus containing something kind of like Agnetha's life motto: "What can't be broken: the kind of love that lasts."

Agnetha spoke about her new album at Stockholm's Grand Hotel. In the accompanying press release, she talks about how she felt when she went into the studio for the first time together with producers Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl: "The album as such didn't worry me, but my voice really did. I had not sung for such a long time, so I must have thought: What should I do if it's suddenly gone?"

"It was a good friend of mine who got all this going", explains Agnetha. "She called me and told me that Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl wanted to play a few of their compositions for me. So they came by and played three songs for me, and I just thought: 'For heaven's sake, I just have to join in'. It felt exactly like the right kind of challenge. I asked my daughter: 'What do you think? Should I do it?' and she answered: 'You should think about this thoroughly. Everything could start all over again.' The recording sessions were wonderful, but you have to face that these recordings may have consequences afterwards."


2013-04-13 Frida remembering Jon Lord at Zermatt Unplugged festival.

2013-03-14 Agnetha is guest on tv show 'Skavlan' Watch this video with English subtitles.

2013-04mid  Björn and Benny contribute the Eurovison anthem "We Wrote The Story" during the ESC in Stockholm.

2013-05 Agnetha and Björn are interviewed by Australian reporter Rahni Sadler: http://au.news.yahoo.com/sunday-night/features/article/-/16977096/abbas-agnetha-back-on-song/

Interview with Agnetha about her friendship with Frida.

2013-05-04 Agnetha makes a special guest appearance at gay nightclub Heaven in London.

2013-05-06 The ABBA museum in Stockholm is officially opened by Benny, Björn and Frida http://www.abbathemuseum.com/

2013-05 "We Write the Story" is revealed during the opening ceremony of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest final, staged in Sweden's Malmö Arena. The anthem, written by Benny and Björn and produced in collaboration with Swedish DJ Avicii, is performed by a large choir together with contestants from all 26 participating countries.

2013-07 Benny durning the BAO Summer Tour. A new B&B composition is being performed: "Det Föll En Sten Från Mitt Hjärta"

2013-07 Björn makes a rare stage appearance singing Hootenanny Singers songs.

2013-08-01 Agnetha appears on stage at Stockholm's gay pride.

2013-08-29 Agnetha at the opening of a new Stockholm restaurant Grands Veranda.

 Agnetha and her two dogs Bella and Bruno

2013-09 A photo of Frida going through the layout of ABBA The Official Photo Book that will be released in April 2014.

2013-11  Benny and Björn going through the layout of ABBA the Official Photo Book.

Mastertape of 'Lady Bird' at the ABBA vault.

2013-11  Agnetha is interviewed in Stockholm by the German press.

2013-11-12  Agnetha is back in London, She is spotted at Heathrow Airport with a new hairdo and hardly any make-up.

2013-12-14  Björn is guest on German TV show "Wetten Dass". During the interview he states that he and the other former ABBA members discussed plans for the upcoming 40th anniversary in November 2013 and made the decision not to reunite.

2013-12-21  Frida appears on Swedish television to talk about her duet with Ratata in 1987.

2013-12-22  Agnetha is interviewed by Ulf Elving about her youth, her career in ABBA and her comeback. 

2014-04 ABBA - The official photo book is be released in London at the Tate Modern museum.
2014-04-07  Release of Waterloo Deluxe Edition 40th Anniversary http://www.abbasite.com/banners2/waterloo-deluxe-edition/


Disc 01, CD:
01. Waterloo
02. Sitting In The Palmtree
03. King Kong Song
04. Hasta Mañana
05. My Mama Said
06. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
07. Honey, Honey
08. Watch Out
09. What About Livingstone
10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
11. Suzy-Hang-Around

Bonus tracks:
12. Ring Ring (US Remix 1974)
13. Waterloo (Swedish Version)
14. Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
15. Waterloo (German Version)
16. Hasta Mañana (Spanish Version)
17. Waterloo (French Version)
18. Ring Ring (1974 Remix, Single Version)
19. Waterloo (Alternate mix)

Disc 02, DVD:
01. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest performance I, BBC)
02. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance I, SVT)
03. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance II, SVT)
04. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest preview performance, SVT)
05. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, performance II, BBC)
06. Interview with Frida and Stig after the Eurovision victory (Rapport, SVT)
07. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance I, BBC)
08. Honey, Honey (Disco, ZDF)
09. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance II, BBC)
10. Honey, Honey (Spotlight, ORF)
11. Waterloo (German version) (Musik aus Studio B, NDR)
12. Honey, Honey (Ein Kessel Buntes, Fernsehen der DDR)
13. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance III, BBC)
14. International Sleeve Gallery

2014-04-06 The 40th anniversary of 'Waterloo' is celebrated in Stockholm at ABBA The Museum with a choir singing ABBA songs accompanied by Benny playing the piano.

2014-04-07  The 40th anniversary of 'Waterloo' is celebrated at London's Tate Modern museum in the attendance of Björn and Frida. The Official Photo Book is also launched today.

2014-09-28 The 'ABBA Live At Wembley' CD is released with Agnetha's solo song "I'm Still Alive". All songs are pure live recordings and performed during the concert on November 10th, 1979.

2014-08-12 Björn is invited at the 'Way Out West Music Conference' in Stockholm to talk about his work as a songwiter.

2014-09-24 Frida appears on Swedish tv show 'Skavlan' and is being interviewed about her personal life: Anni Frid "ABBA-Frida" Lyngstad Interview (English Subtitles) | Part 1 | Skavlan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUr91A0cwOQ and Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqohhkQneo8

2014 An interview with Frida about her private life is publiced in the Eskilstuna Kuriren.

2014-09-28 Björn attends the Mamma Mia premiere in Helsinki, Finland.
2014-10-15 Kristina från Duvemåla returns to Sweden with a premiere a the Göteborgs Operan in attendance of Björn and Benny.

2014-11-20 Björn represents ABBA at the Unicef #IMAGINE project at the UN building in New York, 25 years after the 'Unicef Year Of The Child' gala. From now every cent earned on 'Chiquitita' will go to Unicef projects for young girls. Björn's speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQV68j7ZFWw

2014-12-15 The 'ABBA Monopoly' game is released: http://store.universalmusic.com/udiscover/*/*/ABBA-Monopoly/3M830000000 Instead of streets you buy ABBA singles, instead of houses you build studios and the tokens are all related to ABBA. It also features six tokens with an ABBA connection: the Napoleon hat, a platform boot, a vinyl record, a money bag, a telephone, and Björn’s star-shaped guitar.

2014-12 Frida will release a song, a duet with Dan Daniell, called '1865'.

2014-01-29 Björn and Benny are present at the first Stockholm Songwriter Camp at their own ABBA Museum. It offers both up-and-coming songwriters and more established music creators an opportunity to write music together in new groups and an inspiring environment.
2015-02-10  Frida is a mystery guest at the QX Gay Gala in Stockholm. Frida sings 'Fernando', just before she walks on the stage announcing the winnner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAmRpqqH5tg
2015-02-11 Benny and his son Ludvig are in Berlin at the Berlinale festival to promote their Swedish fantasy film 'The Circle'. http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/benny-andersson-und-sein-sohn-abba-mit-film-auf-der-berlinale/11354468.html

2015-02-13 Zermatt commemorates the 150 anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. To mark this occasion, the Zermatt singer and top chef Dan Daniell records the song “1865” with Frida, who lives in Zermatt. The CD is released on February 13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JTGTLa-8r4

2015-03-03  ABBA arrive at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm for good as silicon figures. The four replicas come as close as possible to the way the ABBA members looked back then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elMBpHM5HbM
2015-04-06 Agnetha turns 65.